Downloading RoadWarrior is free! The free “Basic” account allows you to create Routes with up to 8 Stops. You can save as many Routes and Favorites as you’d like, but they’ll only be accessible from the device you created them on.

For more robust Route planning and syncing capacities, we recommend RoadWarrior Pro. With Routes up to 120 Stops, and two fully-synced devices at a time, RoadWarrior Pro is a steal at only $5USD/month (or $50USD/year).

RoadWarrior Pro has users in all sorts of fields:

  • Couriers
  • Small business delivery (flower shops, meal prep services, dog walkers)
  • Pharmacies
  • Home service providers (landscapers, plumbers)
  • Salespeople
  • Insurance Investigators

Upgrade to Pro directly from your mobile app -- open the side menu, and tap Upgrade to Pro at the top of the screen.